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This policy ensures that HiDO Technologies adequately protects and maintains necessary records and documents. Additionally, this policy ensures that records that are no longer needed by HiDO Technologies are discarded/destroyed at the appropriate time.

  1. Administration

    1.1. Appendix A contains a Data Retention Schedule that serves as the retention and disposal/destruction for HiDO Technologies’s physical and electronic records.

    1.1.1. Modifications may be made to this Data Retention Schedule to ensure compliance with appropriate legislation.

    1.2. All retained information will be used solely for the purposes described in our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

  2. Suspension of Record Destruction in the Event of Legal Proceedings or Inquiries

    2.1. It may become necessary to retain data beyond the limits set forth in this Policy.

    2.1.1. Data retention may be prolonged in the event of any ongoing investigation or inquiries from EU Member State Authorities or to ensure compliance with any other legal obligation.

  3. Security of Personal Information

    3.1. HiDO Technologies will take reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of your personal data.

    3.1.1. HiDO Technologies will store personal information in databases and logs. Note: HiDO Technologies does not store any paper copies of Personal Information. Personal Information is only stored electronically.

    3.1.2. Customers should acknowledge that the transmission of information over the internet is inherently insecure, and while HiDO Technologies will do everything in its power to protect information, HiDO Technologies cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the internet.

    3.1.3. Customers will be responsible for keeping their Username and Password for accessing HiDO Technologies’s website and/or mobile application confidential. HiDO Technologies will never ask for a password other than when needed to log into our website or mobile application.

  4. Destruction of Data

    4.1. Unless otherwise noted specifically below, data will be destroyed based on the Data Retention Schedule in Appendix A.

    4.2. Methods of Destruction

    4.2.1. Data containing health information and any personal data will be destroyed to industry standards for safe electronic deletion.

    4.3. Right to Deletion

    4.3.1. HiDO Technologies recognizes the users right to their own personal data. As such, all personal data will be deleted upon request of the user.

  5. Amendments and Updates to the Policy

    5.1. HiDO Technologies may update this policy from time to time. New and material changes to this policy will be posted at this link.


  1. The Data Retention Schedule below outlines HiDO Technologies’s Policy for maintaining and destroying records as necessary.
Record Type
Storage Location
Person Responsible for Storage
Retention Time Period
Complaint Files
Customer Complaint System
CX Administrator
No less than 2 years based on FDA regulation
Inventory Records
CRM Administrator
To be retained for the life of the device
Database Files
AWS, various regions
DevOps Administrators
Stored Until Program Completion
Audit Logs (Database)
AWS, various regions
DevOps Administrators
6 months
AWS, various regions
DevOps Administrators
6 months
Personal Health Data
AWS, various regions
DevOps Administrators
Stored until Program Completion