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Annual Patient Medical Spend

The Top 1% spend >$100k each year or about $10k PMPM.

The Top 5% of patients spend about 70% of the total budget.

Healthcare Costs

Assistive Home Care

Better Outcomes and Reduced Medical Spend.
Home Care
Better Care
Decrease patient barriers and increase quality of care.
Home Care
Better Outcomes
Increase efficiency and patient satisfaction at the same time.
Home Care
Lower Costs
Prevent unneccessary hospitalization and expensive out patient services.

Hido Insights

Former Chief Health Plan administrator Dr. Kathy Donneson and CVS Executive Director Jeremy Gallus speak to the billions of dollars wasted on healthcare. HIDO creates data insights that could alter the future of care delivery and reduce plan premiums.

Patient Testimonials

Learn from those who've benefitted from HiDO first hand.

"The HiDO device saved my life"



"I don't want to be one of those people that die from not taking their medicines"


Terminal Illness

"My mind was blown that this was even an option"

Gina (Caretaker)

Early Onset Dementia

"She believed that HiDO could help people"

Elsye (Nancy's friend)