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The Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Medical Research


Craig Lipset, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Department of Health Informatics, Founder of Clinical Innovation Partners, and former head of Clinical Innovation of Pfizer’s Global Product Development.

Thousands of researchers worldwide are facing this dilemma, as clinical studies are interrupted, altered, postponed – or even cancelled – due to pandemic restrictions. And industry experts project the resulting negative impact on new therapy development, patient care, drug adherence, and explosive costs, will affect healthcare for years to come. On the upside, Lipset also talks about new trends and innovations developing because of the pandemic.

Craig Lipset

About HiDO Health:

Northern California-based HiDO Healthis rapidly addressing researchers urgent need to continue their clinical trials (despite the COVID 19 restrictions) with alow-risk HiDO medical device sent to, and operating directly from, a clinical trial patient’s home: https://youtu.be/KcYKnY862Mo. Upon the Trial participant’s study recruitment, the patient receives a HiDO device that is roughly the size of a coffee machine. Study drugs are pre-filled to trial design specifications and into standard pharmacy medicine bottles featuring “Smart HiDO caps". The HiDO platform knows the name of medication, quantity, frequency of dispensing and dosage thus eliminating user and medication errors.
Each time the device dispenses the medication, a short video captures the medication consumption, while recording “real time” patient compliance data that is leveraged by trial researchers. HiDO also allows researchers to incorporate App or call reminders if the medication routine is forgotten or interrupted – thus increasing patient engagement and reducing study adherence-related delays. And patients can follow their trial progress and communicate with researchers at any time throughout the process. Researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory agencies can quickly and remotely monitor medication adherence, effectiveness data, improve patient care while maintaining social distancing required for patient safety. For more information:HiDoHealth.com or Info@HiDOHealth.com.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Medical Research