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MedTech 101: Never Miss TAKING your Medication!


In this exciting episode, we sat down with Charles Gellman , CEO & Co-founder of HiDO Health, an AI assisted robotics company that will alter the future of medicine and healthcare. We touched on many exciting things. Timestamp

00:00 Intro 01:40 Charles’s Background 03:17 Background of HiDO Health 05:16 HiDO Health Company Size and Location 07:38 Market Availability 09:00 How HiDO is helping older generations 10:20 How HiDO can elevate pressure off the health care system 13:29 HiDO working principle 18:23 HiDO shelf life 20:03 How HiDO has changed in the last 5 years 21:46 Manufacturing Capacity 23:49 AI Capabilities of the HiDO 29:26 Data Security matters 32:55 The interchangeability of HiDO 34:50 Investors Support or Strategies 37:02 Different medical pills on performance of manchine 38:47 Charles’s motivation Drive in MedTech 41:07 mental resistance for starting a company

HiDO health company website : (https://www.hidohealth.com/)[https://www.hidohealth.com/]

MedTech 101: Never Miss TAKING your Medication!