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#365 - Charles Gellman by The Riderflex Podcast: Inspiring & Hiring


Charles Gellman, CEO of HIDO Health | The Riderflex Podcast

Charles Gellman, MSHI, is the CEO & Co-founder of HiDO Health, a visionary leader driving the transformation of medicine and healthcare through AI-assisted robotics. With a Masters's in Clinical Informatics and a background as an outgoing data scientist, he is a compelling speaker and one of the top voices in the field. Recently featured in the documentary "AI Robotics... The HiDO Story," he regularly shares his insights on the future of care through his newsletter, "The Future of Care." With a diverse executive background, including advising for StartXMed and Fortune 500 companies, Charles Gellman brings a wealth of experience to the forefront of healthcare innovation. He holds an MSHI degree from the University of California at Davis Medical School.

HiDO Health offers a patient-friendly device and app that automates home care, helping with medication compliance. This cutting-edge technology allows providers to remotely monitor patients and intervene when necessary, bridging the communication gap between patients and healthcare professionals. By reducing hospital care expenditures by 30-50%, HiDO can save up to $650 billion annually. It fosters integrative care at home, enhancing patient outcomes and promoting health equity and precision medicine for underserved populations. HiDO aims to simplify the patient journey, delivering high-quality care beyond hospital walls.

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#365 - Charles Gellman by The Riderflex Podcast: Inspiring & Hiring