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Pioneering AI-Assisted Robotics for Health Equity


Our guest today is Charles Gellman, the CEO of HiDO Health, and his company's unwavering commitment to using AI-assisted robotics to promote health equity and health access. Charles has dedicated his career to transforming the healthcare landscape and ensuring that quality medical services are accessible to every individual, regardless of their socio-economic status or geographical location. HiDO Health's groundbreaking AI robotics is showcased in our episode with the development of AI-powered medication dispensing units for patients to have at home. These dispensing units are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools to ensure that patients have their medications dispensed at the right time with immediate updates to health providers to ensure medication compliance or needed changes.

Charles provides a compelling vision of how AI-assisted robotics can support homecare providers by reducing their focus on medication management and allow them to focus on the other important needs of patients, ultimately benefiting both patients and healthcare professionals.

Under Charles leadership HiDO Health is dedicated to health equity by harnessing the potential of AI-assisted robotics and transforming and improving our home health services. He reaffirms HiDO Health's dedication to innovating, collaborating with healthcare stakeholders, and continuously improving their technology to make healthcare accessible to all.

AI-assisted robotics for health care can be harnessed for the greater good, making a significant impact on global health equity for a more inclusive and healthier world,






Pioneering AI-Assisted Robotics for Health Equity